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Nerve Growth Factor Research

Video | Mass Media Project (Laurentian University Science Communication Program)



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Ahmed (her son)

Shahira Wahby is a researcher and mother who has the difficult task of juggling school, research and spending time with her family. As a researcher, Shahira's ultimate goal is to find an alternative treatment for chronic pain, since common treatments are often ineffective and have bad side effects. In light of previous research demonstrating the important role of nerve growth factor or NGF in pain mediation, she is concentrating her efforts on testing inhibitory compounds that target NGF.


A questionnaire was sent out to UBC medical students to get an understanding of what types of card games they enjoyed, as well as their experience with AR. Given the time constraints (project to be completed in 3 months), we only received a few responses, all of which came from first-year medical students. Students who responded enjoyed fast-paced games with some strategy and had little experience with AR. In addition, a game design expert was consulted during the design process.


Our group decided on a game play that allowed for portability, modular gameplay, accessible, fast gameplay and an optional AR component. It is a mix of Rummy 500, UNO, Settlers of Catan. **Describe game play


User testing occurred with our own friends. Given the pandemic and the remote nature of the course, we were unable to test out the card game in person. Prototype testing and our user testing questionnaires. Grid sheet of fun facts/puns on anatomy cards. What were the changes that were made?

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